Recommended Foods to Gain Weight on a Budget?

I get asked a lot about what I would recommend to eat while on a budget(College Student lyfe) to gain weight.

My Recommendations:
1.) Quaker Banana Nut Oat Meal
2.) Chicken Breast
3.) Scrambled Eggs & Egg Whites
4.) Baked Potatoes
5.) Check Deli Meat Specials – Especially Ground Beef(I see great prices all the time)
6.) Milk
7.) Pasta
8.) Yogurt

And lately I really enjoy an English Muffin with light butter, Turkey and Provolone – My Secret Weapon – whether I have to budget or not.


3 Keys to a Bigger Back

Nothing stands out more than somebody who has a big back, but it’s one of the most lacking things on a majority of guys. What has helped me make the most improvements on my back:

1.) Barbell Rows – I do over-hand and underhand, but I prefer underhand. I go as heavy as I can for 8-12 rep with clean form. Also, try super-setting with DB Rows twice a month.

2.) Lat Pull Downs – I also like to go heavy on these, but I have my grip as wide as I can comfortably go and still pull down to just above my chest.

3.) Weighted Pull-Ups & Chin-Ups – Find a weight that you can manage to do at least three sets of 12, 10, 8 and go up consistently once you get close to doing 12 for all three sets.

Just as important, but mentioned constantly: Eat more & Deadlifts. 




Supersets are my favorite things to do for Traps, Biceps & whenever I’m limited on time. Barbell Shrugs paired with DB shrugs and Barbell Curls with Isolated DB Curls gives me a burn and pump like no other. Also giving me a noticeable size increase in both but not so much in strength(Which I’m not really worried about how much weight I can shrug or curl).

While I do them regularly for Traps & Biceps, I also incorporate either supersets, “burn-outs” or drop sets for every other body part around twice a month. Nice change from my typical routine and it also has been adding progress in everything doing them that way.

Another way you could do a super set is two different groups at once, i.e Biceps and Back. Superset let’s say rows with preacher curls. Still lets you use your typical rep/weight scheme but can cut your work out time in almost half.

Plan Your Diet

Preparing your meals in advance is definitely the best way to do it, but starting out that can be a hard habit to adjust to. Before getting to that point, start just knowing what you’re going to have for each meal. For example, when I get off work I know I’m going to be having a New York Strip, a small bowl of blueberries and a Sweet Potato for dinner. Haven’t prepared any of it yet, but the Strips are out thawing already.

Easiest way to start getting into the habit of meal prepping is to plan your meals out in advance and cook extra if you can. Steaks, Chicken Breasts, Pastas, Burgers, etc are all the easiest things to start out with. Just cook more or larger portions, and save them for the next meal or day. I eat the worse when I get hungry and start wondering what I’m eating for my meal. I end up passing fast food, pizza places, junk food etc and that ends up being my meal.

Work on getting in the habit of knowing what each of your meals will be and dieting will get easier.


Staying Motivated While Losing Weight

Losing weight is probably one of the hardest things to stay motivated about. Progress stalls after a few weeks and you’re missing out on some of your favorite foods and drinks. So what to do to stay strong and push through to your weight loss goals?

1.) Don’t weigh yourself every single day
Your morning weight is going to fluctuate day to day, nothing is worse than waking up one morning to see a new low, just to weigh yourself the following morning and see it go back up. Pick one or two days a week and weigh yourself on those days only, around the same time.

2.) Use Measurements
Start measuring your waist, thighs, arms, etc, especially if you just started going to the gym with your new diet. If your weight is staying the same but your measurements are getting smaller, you will still look like you loss weight.

3.) Look in the Mirror
Everybody looks in the mirror, but never at the hard to notice and stubborn fat loss place. Start paying attention using mirrors or photos to more than just your front side, especially your lower back & hamstrings.

4.) Cheat Meals?
If you don’t have any cravings, then stick to your diet. But don’t be afraid to take your wife or significant other out once a week and indulge a little. Feeling like you can never enjoy yourself while dieting is a quick way to give up on dieting. Whenever I diet, I will randomly get an urge to eat Apple Fritters, especially when I’m dieting with little carbs. I would get a box of six from the bakery fresh in the morning, destroy the entire box and go hit my leg work out. Doubt I loss weight on those days, but I would wake up and look the same or sometimes a little better(Arms/Shoulders would have a better pump to them).

Your Training Frequency?

How often do you all train each body part?

Right now I hit each body part twice a week, and train my most lagging part an additional third time. Before I had a larger work load at my job, I would squat 4-5 times a week in the morning and I saw great results in both size and strength. Honestly, I was surprised by how much they grew, especially because my volume wasn’t very high.

I would alternate Front and Back Squats every work out and two of the days I would do a more traditional leg work out(Squats, Ham Curls, Leg Extension, Calves, Leg Press etc). The other days I would just pyramid up to 3×3 at 85-90% and work my way down with sets of 5’s and 8’s, afterwards I would train abs and call it a morning. At night I would hit the rest of my split, still training everything else twice a week.

Has anybody tried training any body part besides legs nearly every day of the week? What were your results? Either way, what training frequency led to the best results for you so far?